OneTruth Curriculum

Are you tired of bubble gum teen material? You have come to the right place. The One Truth Curriculum Series is not your typical topical study. In each totally downloadable six-week series, students are challenged with in-depth Bible teaching that will change their lives.

Teachers are given an easy-to-follow teacher's guide, custom PowerPoints, custom student handouts, and video. With these tools and Bible-based material, there will be no stopping your youth group from experiencing the God of the Bible!

This material is version neutral. We give scripture references and you use the version you want. The only scripture you will find is, what we lovingly call, the YFV (Youth Frameworks Version). This is not a new translation, but an user friendly author's paraphrase. Enjoy.

While these series can be taught in any order, we recommend that you begin with our One Truth series (to answer any basic doctrinal questions) and our Back of the Book series (to give students a basic overview of the Bible story).

One Truth is now available digitally to download or in a convenient printed book that we'll ship to you. (You still get the digital version if you order the printed book. You'll need it for your videos and slide shows.)

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